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These are just a sampling of Von Ray and V-Shape's satisfied clients. Feel free to contact us for even more, or schedule an appointment today and become a satisfied client yourself!

Jerome Kersey, 17-year NBA veteran

"Von Ray is not only a true professional trainer who has the ability to work and inspire a wide variety of individuals, but also has a very positive attitude which enhances the training session he is involved in.

"There were many instances when Von Ray's positive motivation would enable me to exceed my normal performance levels in overall training."

JJ Birden, 9-year NFL veteran & co-owner of ProSpot Fitness

"I have worked with Von Ray over the past 22 years. Using his personal training abilities was a key factor during my nine years in the NFL.

"Not only is he very knowledgeable in the health and fitness area, but he has the remarkable ability of bringing out your best."

Susan Hawkins, VP, CMD Inc. & Winner, 2001 Tucson Marathon, Masters Division

"Training with Von Ray has helped me to build my strength and speed. He helps keep me motivated and inspired while continuing to assist me in achieving my fitness goals."

Justin Baughman, California Angels, Major League Baseball

"With 'V-Shape' I learned that what I thought I could not do seemed impossible only because I believed it was. Von Ray helped me prove to myself that I can do whatever I ask of my body...

"Along with the reclaimed speed I had lost due to the injury, I had gained a stronger, more muscular frame, much greater lung capacity than I had ever had, and a revived mental outlook on my career and my life."

Andre 'Bam-Bam' Scott, Sergeant, Multnomah County Sheriff's Department

"With Von Ray's assistance, I have turned my dreams into accomplished goals. I have been a former Mr. Oregon, a NW Bodybuilding Champ, and I am considered to be one of the top light-heavyweight bodybuilders in the nation.

"Through encouragement, positive reinforcement, mentoring and work ethic, Von Ray has motivated me to be the most complete athlete possible, both in and out of the gym."

Darnell Valentine, 12-year NBA veteran, Member - NBA Player's Association

"I had the tremendous blessing of having a professional basketball career of 12 years. I can't take all the credit for such a long relatively injury-free career.

"I worked hard but I surrounded myself with knowledgeable, supporting, and motivational people... Von Ray was one of the cornerstones for my growth."

Vini Letteri, 2003 Oregon State Handball Champion

"I've worked out with a lot of trainers in my years of competition and am very particular about those with whom I'll train - I must believe in their philosophy, knowledge and motivational techniques... Von Ray has me doing things that I never thought possible and has shown me that lofty goals are achievable with hard work and dedication."

Jana Cole, Community Support Campaign Director, YMCA

"Von Ray helped me learn how to train, and better yet, he taught me that I was capable of more than I thought possible... though I was not overweight, my body composition improved under his guidance. I went down two dress sizes, while actually gaining weight - muscle!

"Most importantly, I enjoy the confidence that comes from being healthy and fit."

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